5 Stunning Tile Designs To Line Your Pool

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5 Stunning Tile Designs To Line Your Pool

Having your own pool adds luxury and value to your house. Maintaining and renovating it is extremely important to ensure functionality, durability and hygiene. If you have been thinking about renovating your pool by lining it with tiles, here are 5 amazing designs you should consider:

1. Disco Ball Glass Mosaic Tile


A catchy mirror effect in blue, this impeccable design is perfect for the hip outlook.  This tile is constructed with small pieces of intricately designed glass mosaics. It is bound to make your pool stand out with its reflective texture thus also making it appear larger. Offered at a competitive price, the mosaic has excellent and durable quality.

2. Dark Grey and Ink Blue Glass Mosaic Tiles


 Add a splash of the ocean to your pool with this uniquely designed mosaic tile. This pattern offers just the right amount of brightness in tandem with the universally utilized colours - black and beige.

3. Staggered Noir and Blue Glass Mosaic Tiles

 Noir and blue make the classic combination in this beautifully designed mosaic. These tiles will make your pool come to life as they provide a magnificent outlook to an otherwise dull area. Offered at an economical price, these tiles have long lasting quality.

4. Silver and Gold Glass Mosaic Tiles

By mounting these sun kissed tiles that exude a divine and majestic vibe, your pool will look unique and aesthetically appealing. The reflection from the gold mosaics resembles a warm and feel good sunset thus replicating the feel right in your pool! These tiles are unique in their construction and specially designed to cater to your requirement while proving excellent durable quality at an economical cost.

5. Aqua Blue and Beige Glass & Marble Mosaic Tile


This recurring stripped pattern of glass mosaic in dark grey and ink blue with diamantes is ideal to complement your interior home decor and design. These tiles will brighten your swimming pool and be discernible even in dim light. Perfect for bringing attention, these mosaics will make a strong statement. Achieve the urbane look by adding these elegant yet durable tiles in your pool.

Happy Home Designing!


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