July 27, 2018 2 min read

Here's our pick of 7 must-have summer items:
  1. Dual floral crystal candle holder

Want to make your home smell like the outdoors and summer? Candles will do the trick and make your home smell amazing. A crystal candle holder such as the Dual floral crystal candle holder is the perfect choice for placing your candles. They come in three individual designs so take your pick!

 7 Summer Home Essentials

  1. Floral painting

Brighten up your wall for summer by adding a floral painting to the lounge or bedroom wall. It doesn’t have to break the bank.Be sure to check out this floral painting.

7 Summer Home Essentials

  1. Vase – Silver translucent tulip crystal vase

Summer is here and we all love fresh flowers in the house. A new vase such as this Silver translucent tulip crystal vase is aesthetically appealing and the bright flowers will surely stand out in contrast.

7 Summer Home Essentials

  1. Fruity Ice molds

What’s the first think that comes to mind when you think of summer? For us it’s ice! Why not make ice blocks fun by freezing water in fruit shaped molds instead of the regular square molds. You can easily purchase them at the local grocery store. If you’re feeling too lazy, we found some here.

7 Summer Home Essentials

  1. A small portable fan

A small portable fan is indispensable. If it is portable, you can easily carry it with you to picnics, BBQ and outdoor parties. Stay cool in the heat! You can buy one here.

7 Summer Home Essentials

  1. Glass Tumbler

Beat the summer heat with a glass tumbler such as the Monsoon Lucille Glass Tumbler. After all, we are in with glass and out with plastic. Let’s contribute to our environment by replacing plastics with glass to our utmost extent.

7 Summer Home Essentials

  1. Lightweight Portable grill

Did someone say BBQ? Let’s be honest, who here doesn’t like meat grilled to perfection? A portable grill is a must have for summer gatherings, picnics and outdoor parties. This Kings Canyon Grillis a decent portable grill to start with.

7 Summer Home Essentials

Happy Summer!

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