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In today’s modern world, a growing trend towards minimalism is being witnessed increasingly. The minimalist style essentially consists of light and airy colours with simple furniture and accessories. The general ambience is monochromatic and bold designs, patterns and colours are avoided. The aim being a simple, synchronised and elegant look.

Out of all the rooms in the house, the living area ultimately defines the true essence of your home. As shown in the picture above, you can attain this beautiful and simplistic look in the living area with the combination of three minimalist Wall Tiles. The tiles demonstrated in the picture are Porcelain Tiles in Grey, Cream and Noir & Grey Diamante Glass Mosaic Tiles. Porcelain Tiles in Cream and Grey create a neat look with straight lines while a touch of Diamante Mosaics in the centre portrays a nuanced style. Part of the same colour family, the tiles complement each other exquisitely.

A Minimalist Style For Your Living Room

A Minimalist Style For Your Living Room

The addition of the Clear Plain Tulip Crystal Vase to a side stool beside the Wall Tiles would further enhance the aura and aesthetic appeal of your living area. This modern yet simplified design with precise functionality is the ultimate Minimalist style for your living area. Achieve the ‘Less is more’ look and explore other similar modest designs on the website.

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