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    • Rainbow Glass Mosaics - Bring colours to life
    • Mosaic Tiles
    • Material: Glass / Stone 
    • Colour: Pearl iridescent Rainbow Mosaic Tiles
    • Suitable for bathroom and kitchen walls and ideal for making splashbacks, borders and feature walls
    • Measurements:
      • 1 sheet is 30 cm x 30 cm
      • 11 sheets make up one square metre
      • Each sheet contains 196 tile pieces
      • Tile thickness is 8mm


    • Use warm colours

    Shades of brown, deep red and rose gold are the best colours to give your room a warm feeling. Whether you are opting for floor tiles, wall tiles, a rug or any décor article, choosing items in these shades will immediately add some cosiness to the intended room. Especially so, wood and wood effect products are ideal to achieve the homely look. They also complement the colours mentioned above.

    1. It’s time to install some mosaic in the Kitchen 

    You can make your dream kitchen by installing sparkle glass mosaic tiles. These mosaics will leave you spoilt for a choice. Install these new modern mosaic tiles to give a new look to your kitchen. 

    1. Create soft lighting

    Soft light makes a room appear warmer as compared to bright white light. Soft light in the ceiling or a good collection of candles can add the right amount of warmth to your house. Not to mention the soothing effect of aromas to make your house smell amazing.

    1. Add a fireplace

    It goes without saying that a fireplace will instantly inject homeliness and cosiness to the living room of your house. If a wood fireplace is difficult to maintain, you can always opt for an electric fireplace.

    1. Incorporate lamp shades and curtains

    Heavier drapes are no longer an old school idea; they are highly effective in keeping the cold out from the windows and preventing heat loss. Similarly, lamp shades can enhance the general ambience and feel of your home’s atmosphere.

     We hope these tips have helped you in achieving your desired look for a warmer ambiance in your house this winter. 

    Happy Home Designing!

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