July 12, 2018 1 min read

A spotless kitchen - who does not dream of one? While having a super clean kitchen at all times is a nearly impossible task, having a sophisticated and elegant appearance is much more doable. As pictured above, the kitchen uses colours from the same colour family to project a well contrasting and visually appealing ambience.

As evident, every item has its niche in the kitchen.It does not appear cluttered. Additionally, it not only seems well maintained, it is also simple and modern.

A great tip to ensure the kitchen remains in good condition in the long term without the maintenance costs is installing mosaic tiles.You can add a splash back to the kitchen wall in a colour and pattern that complements your existing interior.

Get The Kitchen Of Your Dreams!

Durable tiles like the Dark Grey & Ink Blue Glass Mosaic Tiles contrast well with almost any design and style.Ideally, they work well with the shades black, grey, brown, beige and cream. One of the best aspects about mosaic tiles is that you can portray your unique taste and style by choosing tiles according to your preference in terms of colour and pattern.

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Happy Home Designing!

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