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You are finally embarking on the task/project of designing an appealing shower area and have decided to install tiles on the floor and walls. We bring you some useful tips to help you decide how to select the right tiles for the shower area.

  1. Use porcelain tiles on the walls and floor for a spacious look

Larger porcelain tiles from a lighter colour palette are better suited for walls and floors of the shower area. Not only do they emanate a roomier and spacious look, they also feel nicer to sit on when used on the shower bench. However, care should be taken pertaining to the slip resistance. Ensure that the anti-slip rating is at least Grade A or Grade B rating. These are much safer than Grade C rating. Check out these Porcelain Tiles for the bathroom.

How To Choose Shower Tiles

  1. Select mosaic tiles for a feature wall/border

When choosing tiles for the shower, select mosaic tiles that will complement the porcelain tiles. Mosaic Tiles can be installed as a border on the wall horizontally or even vertically. They can also be used to add to the aesthetics by creating a feature wall in the shower area. This is especially trending nowadays in modern homes. Here are some beautiful Mosaic Tiles to browse. You can always order a Free Cut Sample to help you decide.

How To Choose Shower Tiles

  1. Smaller tiles for curved areas of the shower

If you have curved areas in the shower such as an extension of the ceiling or even the shower bench, it is best to install small tiles on such areas. These tiles can cover the area better and give a seamless look instead of an uneven look. You can easily take advantage of the smaller designs by cutting and fitting them properly along the edges.

How To Choose Shower Tiles

  1. Easier to clean

Porcelain tiles are easy to clean since they are comparatively larger in size than mosaic tiles. If cleaning is a hassle for you, opt for larger porcelain tiles as they are easier to clean and maintain than smaller mosaic tiles in the shower area.

How To Choose Shower Tiles

  1. Keep in mind suitability for wetness

While you may love a certain tile pattern, make sure it is well suited for the shower area in terms of durability, slip resistance and ease of cleaning. Glass tiles may be require more consistent cleaning owing to the water stains.

How To Choose Shower Tiles

Keeping these important tips in mind, now you can happily shop for the right tiles for your shower area and achieve the look you have dreamed of.


Happy Home Designing!

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