LED Crystallic Flushmount Ceiling Light with colour changing features- 8088-800 & 600 Gold


Kingston Lighting

Beautiful Crystallic Circular LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light in two different sizes with color-changing features(Warm, Cool White & Mixture of both warm and cool white), they change color when they turn off and on, and not suitable to use lights with a dimmer switch.


  • Base Colour: Gold
  • Shape: Circular
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Crystal
  • Category: Flushmount Ceiling Light
  • Installation as shown in the pictures
  • Price : 8088-800GD-£349.99/-
  • Please inform us if you don’t get delivery within 10 days
  • In stock for immediate dispatch.
  • We Can Offer Discounts For Large Orders.

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