Large Bouncy Christmas Gonk with Spring Inside belly , 114CM-RED & WHITE



  • Decorative 45" Bouncing Standing Christmas Gonk Figure.
  • Each Gonk has a spring inside his belly, a simple tap and they will bounce up and down as a festive check twist to the traditional GONK!
  • This is ideal for your mantelpiece or it can be used as a freestanding ornament next to your tree or door.
  • Size 114cm, 45 inches, 3.9 Feet.
  • Material: Metal & Fabric.
  • Finish – Traditional Gonk with fur trim and felt clothes.



  • Gonks, also known as Tomte in Sweden, Tonttu in Finland, Nisse in Norway, and Denmark, are small mythological white-bearded creatures, resembling garden gnomes. While they used to be seen as home protectors, these little characters, wearing knitted hats and arising from the Scandinavian folklore, are now considered as the Nordic version of our Western Santa Claus.