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Sitting in your reading chair with your favourite book and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day, what more could one ask for? This cosy corner of the house is well deserving of your attention and maintenance. Here are 3 ways to upgrade the region without breaking your budget.

  1. Add some cushions to the chair

While this is a no-brainer, it is often overlooked. Placing some soft and nicely designed cushions can instantly upgrade the ambience and overall feel of the reading corner. Although this accessory may seem insignificant as compared to other important items, it can make a large impact on the style of the area. You can mix and match different colours and patterns or use same colour cushions for a more sophisticated look.

3 Simple And Cost Effective Ways To Upgrade Your Reading Corner

  1. Place an elegant floor lamp

An elegant lamp by your reading spot can make a large difference for your reading experience and comfort level. As compared to the regular ceiling light, a beautiful floor lamp such as the Golden Chalice Standing Lamp provides the right amount of concentrated light for the reader. Additionally, the intricately designed light with its golden rings disperses light at magnificent angles thus enhancing one’s reading experience.

3 Simple And Cost Effective Ways To Upgrade Your Reading Corner

  1. Install pleasant looking mosaic tiles on the wall

Mounting mosaic tiles on the wall by the reading corner will easily enhance the atmosphere of the region. The Translucent Mint Green Glass Mosaic Tile is one such exclusive pattern that can be easily mounted on the wall.

3 Simple And Cost Effective Ways To Upgrade Your Reading Corner

Therefore, as evident, your reading corner could not have been easier. Just follow these three low cost tips and you will have an upgraded area in a short time.


Happy Reading & Home Designing!

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