July 02, 2018 1 min read

It is a well-known fact that the kitchen is the heart of activity in a home. After all, fulfilling food brings people together unlike any other thing in the house .With a normal day usually consisting of at least three meals, people in a house are bound to spend a large portion of their time in the kitchen. Considering these factors, why would you not want to embellish your kitchen to make it more aesthetically appealing?

The picture above demonstrates a spacious and light style that can be easily replicated in your kitchen. As evident, it projects an open and well ventilated feel similar to the one felt at the beach. The self-print chequered olive green glass mosaic tiles mounted on the wall not only enhance the overall ambience of the kitchen but also emit a relaxing aura. The modern design conveys a soft look similar to the light waves hitting the beach.

Bringing The Coast To Your Doorstep

The Olive Green Chequered Glass Mosaic Tiles easily complement the white counter top and black shelves. Similarly, wooden tables and chairs placed by the kitchen will add a touch of nature. Placing an indoor green plant will complete the natural coastal feel. Such little yet significant changes can entirely upgrade the outlook of your home without being heavy on your wallet. Explore your options with these slight modifications.

Happy Home Designing!

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