June 28, 2018 1 min read

A study reveals that the average Brit spends 22 minutes in the bathroom every day. After all, we all love taking a long, relaxing warm bath to unwind from a long dreary day. But who wants to stare blankly at bare, monotonous white walls every time they go to the bathroom?

Add some colour and design to your bathroom walls with Mosaic and Porcelain tiles and bring them to life. As pictured above, you can add a touch of the archaic yet contemporary style with these Silver Fossilised Glass Mosaic Tiles. Embedded between Grey Porcelain Tiles (Available only at the showroom), these Mosaic Tiles provide a picturesque view. Additionally, the white sink contrasts smoothly against the Mosaic and Porcelain Tiles.While aesthetically pleasing, the fossilised leaves impression also provides the visual environment needed to start your thinking process, especially if you are an avid bathroom thinker.

Make Your Trip To The Bathroom More Interesting

Keep your bathroom atmosphere light and spacious with similar light toned colours such as grey, beige, white, silver and cream. These colours may be combined in endless ways and with a variety of different patterns.

Get your thinking cap on and enjoy a visually appealing modern design in your bathroom such as the one presented in the first photo .Now visiting the bathroom will not be such a tedious task anymore.

 Happy Home Designing!


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