Top 3 Interior Designers You Should Follow On Twitter For Amazing Ideas

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Top 3 Interior Designers You Should Follow On Twitter For Amazing Ideas

  1. Kelly Hoppen MBE

Kelly Hoppen is one of the top BAFTA nominated Interior Designers in the UK. She is not only a talented designer, but an author and entrepreneur as well. She provides practical and simple tips in achieving the perfect interior design. Kelly Hoppen now also offers a masterclass that teaches selection of colour, texture and numerous other basic factors in interior designing.


  1. Emma Sims Hilditch

Founder of Sims Hilditch interior design, Emma Sims Hilditch is based in Bath, UK. She knows how to play with the right colours while projecting a very modern and spacious look. She is definitely an expert in her field and focuses on light backgrounds with a pop of colour.


 3. Clare Pascoe

Clare Pascoe specializes in Midcentury contemporary style. She is yet another top UK based interior designer who has been listed in Telegraph’s ‘Britain’s Top 20 best Interior Designers’.  Clare not only provides great tips pertaining to design, but gives creative suggestions for making the interior appear more spacious as well as storage friendly. She is often invited for talks related to Modern Midcentury designing as well. Hop on to her account for some inspiration.


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