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With a large variety of designs, colours and material types of mosaic tiles available in the market, these have been trending for residential and commercial purposes. Particularly for homes, they are utilized to set up a feature wall in the living room, a splash back or even as pool liners as demonstrated below. The question is, why are they in vogue with home owners seeking renovation or redesign?

Mosaic tiles offer the option of instantly upgrading the interior of the house whether the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, without the large costs usually involved with entire revamps. Moreover, mosaic tiles easily complement any existing design or colour palette. Mosaic tiles generally come in different material types to suit the needs of every home owner.


  1. Glass Mosaic Tiles

Different Types Of Mosaic Tiles For Your Home

Mosaic tiles made of glass are normally used as an accent or border on the walls and hold high visual appeal. Not only are these environment friendly as they can be easily recycles and reused, they can be used in tandem with ease of maintenance. Owing to the smooth surface, they are easy to clean with a wet cloth. Moreover these are highly durable and are not affected by chemicals.


  1. Stone Mosaic Tiles

Different Types Of Mosaic Tiles For Your Home

Stone mosaic tiles offer the advantage of a natural earthy look and feel without the need for high upkeep. As it is durable due to the natural material, it can be easily installed in the outdoor regions such as the patio, pool or even the garage. Being scratch resistant, this type of mosaic tile will last a fairly long period of time.


  1. Marble Mosaic Tiles

Different Types Of Mosaic Tiles For Your Home

Marble mosaic tiles provide the extra style and appeal in any room of the house. Whether installed around the bathroom, kitchen sink, cupboards or even the shower, these will instantaneously add panache to a dull surface. These are also highly customisable and can be used to create a contemporary or futuristic look. Marble mosaic tiles are bound to make a statement in your house as they can be installed in several ways. Marble certainly adds a sense of luxury and lavishness to any room it is mounted in.


  1. Metallic Mosaic Tiles

Different Types Of Mosaic Tiles For Your Home

Metallic mosaic tiles are reflective in nature and provide the illusion of airiness and spaciousness in any room. These are a popular option to customize any room of the house. Resistant to liquid absorption, metallic mosaics are often preferred as mosaic tiles. These are highly versatile and are a great option to bring any room together.


Now that you have some practical information regarding the types of mosaic tiles and how or why they are beneficial for your home walls, we hope this has made your future selection of mosaic tiles much easier. Hop over to our Mosaic Tiles page for some great ideas and inspiration.

Happy Home Designing!

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