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Porcelain tiles are high in demand in the market owing to their high tensile strength, durability, minimum maintenance and aesthetic appeal. However, selecting the right porcelain tiles for your home can sometimes be a perplexing task. We have broken down the different porcelain tile effects to help you with the decision making process.

Concrete Effect Tiles

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Effects In The Market

Concrete effect tiles, as the name suggests, are the replication of concrete. They project a raw, under process and artistic feel. While they may appear like concrete, the finish and texture itself is polished and smooth to the touch. Easy to install, these will remain as fresh as the first day of installation. Concrete effect tiles are well suited for the entire home and ideal for the exterior such as the garage, patio, art gallery and studio. Follow this link for a look at the Grey Concrete Effect Porcelain Tile displayed above. It is available in two sizes; 300 x 600 mm and 600 x 600 mm with a 10 mm thickness.

Marble Effect Tiles

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Effects In The Market

The Marble Effect Tiles are one of the most demanded porcelain tiles for home designing and renovation. These offer the unique advantage of appearing like marble without the need of high upkeep frequently associated with real marble. The Marble Effect Tiles are offered in a variety of colours such as black, grey, off-white, desert sand, cream, brown etc. Additionally, they come with an added vein feature in the form of large or small veins incorporated within the design. The versatility of these tiles makes them well suited for installation throughout the house especially the kitchen and bathroom floors and walls. Marble Effect Tiles are the ultimate choice for home owners seeking a luxurious, elegant and lavish ambience.

Metal Effect Tiles

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Effects In The Market

Metal Effect Tiles are ideal for commercial and industrial spaces owing to their rich hues, thus making them visually appealing. They beautifully reflect the changes in colour and texture of real metal over time. Additionally, these provide a dramatic effect to the ambience with the play on colours. These are the ideal porcelain tiles to opt for to add a rich and deep look to your space. Have a look at this Rustic Metal Effect Porcelain Tile for further information.

Stone Effect Tiles

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Effects In The Market

The Stone Effect Tiles project an earthy and stone effect. These also emanate an all-natural essence and are pleasing to the onlooker. The porcelain tiles are long lasting, have high tensile strength and do not require much upkeep. It combines practical use with aesthetics as well. They are well suited for the terrace, driveway, hallway, lounge and living room.

Wood Effect Tiles

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Effects In The Market

The Wood Effect Tiles are unique in their design as each tile represents an individual wooden mark and design. The tiles are available in different wooden colours and designs such as Beige Wood Effect, Grey Wood Effect, and Aged Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles. These porcelain tiles provide a realistic wood effect without the maintenance needed for real wood. Moreover, these come in various finishes as glazed finish or matte finish. The wood effect tiles provide the advantage of achieving a natural environment based feel in your home. These are well suited for floors and walls throughout the home.

As a last note, here are a few general things you should consider before choosing the right kind of porcelain tiles for the floors and walls of your house.

  • Keep in mind the existing interior and colours of your home
  • Lighter colours make the interior appear more spacious and luminous
  • Darker colours add warmth and richness
  • Neutral colours allow flexibility in contrasting with other home accessories
  • Porcelain tiles can also be matched with mosaic tiles

We hope this description of various kinds of porcelain tiles will assist you in making the right decision for your home.

Happy Home Designing!

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